The Need of the hour is what We focuses on! We continuously keep on upgrading our courses according to the trend.


To Help Individuals To Earn More By Enhancing Their Skills.


To Deliver Outstanding Experience To Trainees Which Helps Them To Grow Consistently.


A Central Government Recognized Institution’s certificate is given to the students who complete the rigorous courses.

Event Management - As Career Will Make Lots Of Cash For You
Event Management – As Career Will Make Lots Of Cash For You. Here’s How!

Between 2014 and 2024, the event planners could see job opportunities improve by 20%, which is slightly faster than average. While there is no degree required, in the event planning industry due to increasingly complex job responsibilities and advancing technologies. You must have excellent analytical, organizational and interpersonal communication skills to succeed in the field. […]

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online event management course
E-Course For Event Management Aspirants

Event Management is the only profession where you can earn up to 1 lakh/month or more without any prior experience in the field, And EduWings is conducting a FREE 7-Day WhatsApp Workshop On Event Management to make you completely understand the opportunities in the industry. Founder (Varun Surana) Of EduWings have worked for hundreds of […]

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शर्मीले से शायर बनने का सफर
हिमांशु सुथार का शर्मीले से शायर बनने का सफर

उदयपुर शहर से एक शर्मीला सा लड़का कुछ महीनो पहले EduWings Academy उदयपुर पर आया ओर बोला की मुझे लिखने का शौक है और अपना लिखा हुआ सबको सुनाना चाहता हूँ और एक दबी सी चाहत है की अपने इसी शौक को आगे चल कर अपना पेशा बनाऊँ पर कभी शर्म आती है तो कभी […]

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Question – What Kind Of Courses Eduwings Offers?
Answer – Eduwings Academy For Modern Arts Offers Modern Skill-Based Courses Which Makes Youth Employable Or Add Extra Earning Skills.


Question – What Are The Criteria For Admissions?
Answer – In Maximum Courses, We Just Expect Passion / Understanding The Value For Particular Skill. No Restriction Of Age, Gender Or Qualification, As We Believe That Desire Of Learning Is More Important Than Anything.


Question – Is There Any Hidden Fee Which Can Be Charged By Institute During The Course?
Answer – No, After Paying Registration, Form & Course Fee, There Is No Hidden Fee.


Question – Are These Courses Available For Outstation Students ?
Answer – As These Courses Are On Offline Mode As Of Now So It’s Available At Eduwings Academy For Modern Arts Only, But If Any Students Is Willing To Take Admission We Can Help Him / Her In Lodging And Boarding Facilities.


Question – Certificates Of Training Are Valid?
Answer – Yes, Eduwings’s Parent Company KCS Edutech Pvt Ltd Is An Autonomous Organization “Recognized By Government Of India” Has Rights To Conduct Training, Examination & Issue Certification.


Question – Eduwings Provides Internship Support?
Answer – In Selected Courses, We Support For Internship, We Have Few Tie Ups With Local Companies / Organization Where You Can Go For Short Term Internship (Depends Of Their Requirement.)


Question – Eduwings Provides Placement Support?
Answer – Yes, We Provide Placement Guidance, Assistance & Support, Eduwings Also Runs Udaipur’s Biggest Online (Self-Help) Group Which Is Having 25000+ Members & Hundreds Of Job Providers.


Question – I Don’t Want To Go For Job As I Am Planning To Start My Own Business Or Want To Become Free Lancer, What Kind Of Support I’ll Get From Eduwings ?
Answer – Off Course! We Always Incourage Our Students To Start Their Professional Life As Free Lancer Or Startup And We Do Support From Planning To Execution.

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